Exedy Stage 1 Organic Kupplung - Nissan Skyline R33 GTR

Exedy Stage 1 Organic Kupplung - Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
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  • NK10H601
Part Number:  NK10H601 Clutch Type:  Stage 1 Organic Friction Facing:... mehr
Produktinformationen "Exedy Stage 1 Organic Kupplung - Nissan Skyline R33 GTR"
Part Number: NK10H601
Clutch Type: Stage 1 Organic
Friction Facing: Organic
Disc Diameter (mm): 250
Sprung Centre:  Yes
Torque at Flywheel: 390 lb-ft / 530 Nm
Torque at Wheels: 320 lb-ft / 430 Nm

The Stage 1 Organic clutch incorporates friction material with high heat-resistance properties and high strength fibres making it an ideal clutch for street, circuit or drifting.




Single Series clutch covers are designed to achieve a clamping load that is approximately 40% higher than the genuine part enabling a higher torque capacity. Ductile material is used for all pressure plates and high burst strength can be achieved in all temperature ranges.




An asbestos free friction facing is used which has high heat resistance and high burst strength characteristics. No steel back is required which can cause RPM "lock-out" and/or synchro damage. Superior in shift operations and half-engagement feel, this clutch disc is recommended for any motorsport or modified vehicle use.





  • Ensures the clutch engagement feeling is the same as the standard clutch.
  • Up to a 30% increase in torque capacity over standard.
  • Approximately 40% higher clamp load than the standard clutch.
  • Industry leading performance friction, achieving the highest fade recovery, the highest RPM burst test results, the best heat resistance and the lowest wear rate in the performance aftermarket.*



Street Modified / Track day / Circuit Racing / Drift


*This test was conducted by EXEDY using randomly selected competitor frictions for comparison.

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